Sizzling Sales

Sizzling Sales

Sizzling Sales is our flagship product which provides an easy-to-use, all-in-one, cloud based solution for food trucks and their enthusiastic customers.  This comes in the form of a iPad App for the people on the truck and an iPhone App for the hungry customers.

In The Cloud

The last thing you need on your fully stuffed food truck is a computer server – which needs power and a safe space.  Also, you don’t need the ongoing headache of maintaining it – it is hard enough just running a food truck.  With Sizzling Sales, it is all in the cloud.  No need to own and maintain a local server.  Anywhere you have internet access – you can run Sizzling Sales.

Accept Orders In-Person (iPad App)

With Sizzling Sales, your food truck now has a completely electronic way of taking and managing orders.  Your very own menu will be on the iPad for easy order entry.  Once the order completed, it will be stored in the cloud.  No more messy scrawled orders on pieces of paper.  With the iPad, you can take orders anywhere – including outside the truck in the line up of people with multiple iPads.

Accept Orders Directly from Customers (iPhone App)

Do you hate waiting in line?  We do and so do your customers.  Instead of standing in line at the lunch time rush, your customers will be able to view your menu and place their order ahead of time.  They will even be able to choose the pick up time so that they can swing by and pick up their food when it is fresh and hot.

Inventory Control

Each restaurant is given its own unique space to accept orders online and in-store. Your product information can be entered into the app so that both your employees and customers can see what’s on the menu and order food both online or in-store.

As a restaurant owner, you will also be able to view the most popular dishes being sold to ensure that there is no shortage of inventory for your hungry guests.  Sizzling Sales also allows access to your sales system anywhere through an app on your Apple or Android device.

Inventory Control … Don’t Run Out

Sizzling Sales will be able to track how much inventory you have an hand.  Standing in line (… and waiting a long time) and then finding out that the item you want is sold out is frustrating and disappointing.  For people using the iPhone app to order, they will be able to know if an item is available and can order and reserve it.

With all this data on what is selling, you will be able to better plan to meet the demand for popular items.

Just In Time!

Their orders will appear in real-time in your store’s ordering system so that you can fulfill it just in time and without delay.  If the orders are placed ahead of time, they will show up automatically when it is the right time to make them.

Available Soon!

Payment Terminal Integration (Debit & Credit) with iPad

  • No need to manually enter the payment amount into the payment terminal (reduce errors)
  • Payment is automatically confirmed within the app – and the order is finalized

Android version of the mobile app.

We are still developing new features this product but stay tuned for further updates!

Sizzling Sales Point of Sales Features

  • Menu catalogue
    • Menu categories for subdividing multiple varied menu items
  • Order processing
    • Receipt printing with support for StarIO SP700 impact printer and StarIO TSP650II thermal printer
    • Cash register open/close support
  • Order fulfillment
    • Live-updating order queue so that chefs in a fast-paced environment can easily confirm the completion of orders
  • Order refunds
    • Partial dollar refund for specific items in an order or complete item refund
  • Order history
    • Verify past orders and review transaction details

Customer Ordering App Features

  • Menu catalogue
    • Menu categories for subdividing multiple varied menu items
  • Order processing
    • Receive payments online with all major credit card vendors including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express
    • Email confirmation
    • Request for future order fulfillment by the store
  • Flexible sign-in options including social media signins with Google, Twitter, or Facebook accounts. Custom logins are also supported for those not using social media.